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Cape Cod Home Remodeling

RA Builders has been remodeling homes on Cape Cod for over 30 years. Remodeling and Renovations require a certain level of expertise that differs from a new construction. Tearing down walls, rerouting electrical & plumbing, digging up old septic lines and all the other numerous intricate tasks warrant a level of care & mindfulness of the builder.

Here at R.A. Builders we work with conscientious effort to create a beautiful new space that will accommodate our client’s needs and desires. Together with one of our architects or yours we design a new harmonizing space and address unforeseen variables that are common to the nature of remodeling. In accordance with being cost effective and ecologically aware, we believe in the importance of being attentive to reusing materials and details.

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New Stairway

New stairway

New Living-room

New livingroom

New Entry

New entry

New Mantle And Built-in Shelves

New Mantle And Built-in Shelves

Living-room With Columns

Livingroom With Columns

Dining Room Space

Dining Room Space

Library With Built-ins

Library with built-ins

Wainscot And Mantle

Wainscot and mantle

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