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Cape Cod Home Additions and Renovations

Building an addition to your existing home may be the best option to increase and aesthetically enhance your living space. If you already own property on the Cape, consider yourself one of the fortunate ones. Cape Cod is known to be of unique character and charm and having property here is considered to be a wise and prudent investment.

Over the past 30 years we have built hundreds of additions. R.A. Builders has an intuitive sense of strategy and skill that incorporates your existing home with your newly designed space. We are vigilant in keeping the construction area secluded from the existing space to minimize dust and noise. Let us help you with adding value to your home while creating additional living space to be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.

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Cape Cod home completely remodeled

Tear Down and Rebuild

This land contained a home that needed much improvement and did not meet the requirements of the new buyers. Fixing the existing home did not allow an opportunity to upgrade the living space adequately. The design was dated, but the location was very desirable. The old home was torn down, much of the home recycled, and a new home constructed in it's place. Now, the owners enjoy the added porch, attached garage, and many fine improvements throughout the interior.

Improving Neighborhoods

The new home greatly improves the values of the surrounding neighborhood and fits within Cape Cod architectural designs. Not only do the new homeowners enjoy owning their dream home, but the local economy benefits from the construction investment.

During Construction

Cape Cod addition during construction

After Construction

Cape Cod addition after construction

Cape Cod Home Addition

R.A. Builders added a considerable amount of living space to this traditional Cape style home (shown above).
A privacy wall was constructed during construction to protect main living area from dust and noise.
The homeowner was extremely pleased with the finished addition.

Before Renovation

Cape Cod addition during construction

After Renovation

Cape Cod addition after construction

Cape Cod Home Renovation

R.A. Builders transformed this home (shown above) by adding additional living space above and improving the interior as well as the porch.